Marmara All Natural Pure Sumac. A Mediterranean Spice with No Preservatives

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QUALITY: All Natural, pure herbs and spices from the Mediterranean. No MSG, No Preservatives. VALUE: Marmara Spice is the perfect combination of freshness with right amount of flavor and Mediterranean spice for a low price. EXCLUSIVE TO MARMARA: Straight from Turkey, our spice mixes are carefully packaged making exotic meal preparation simple. Good eating has always played an important role in the long history of Turkey since the Ottoman times. Turkey, with its long history of ancient civilizations, its fertile lands, and geographical setting between Asia and Europe, stretches a thousand miles from east to west. The choice of the dishes is wide as well, but all have a wonderful delicacy and richness from the various spices used in preparing them. We know that whether it be a wild flower, the bark of a great tree or the fruit of a bush, spices show infinite variety in their form, characteristics and function in enhancing any cuisine. At Marmara, we bring you these traditions through our spice collection which will compliment any meal you cook. FLAVOR and AROMA: Sumac is usually sold coarse and slightly moist. Its aroma is fruity and its flavor is tangy and somewhat salty. Sumac is a member of the cashew family, and grows in many Mediterranean countries. The ground berry is used in soups, salads, and in many meat and rice dishes. Sumac can be used to flavor food as you would use lemon or vinegar. It tastes great sprinkled onto fish or chicken.


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