Turkish Coffee

Perhaps the most distinct characteristic of Turkish coffee is its intensity. The filterless method of brewing combined with exceptionally fine grind produces a cup that's dark and brooding and slightly sludgy. Yet it's the sludge that contributes to the particular body and texture of the Turkish preparation. The result is an inarguably unique drink.

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Derived from the Arabica bean, Marmara's Turkish coffee is a very fine, powder-like grind. At Marmara, we take great pride in sharing this tradition for the age old love of Coffee. Traditionally consumed without milk. Coffee is most often consumed in households, shops and social gatherings. Premium roasted and finely ground for espresso or traditional Turkish coffee. How to Prepare Turkish Coffee You will need Marmara’s Turkish Coffee, a small pot or ibrik, and, if you prefer, a little sugar and ground cardamom. 1. Use about ¾ teaspoon of coffee per ounce of water. For those wishing to add sugar and spice to their coffee, this is the time to do so. Note that this the only time in the process that you will stir. 2. Slowly heat the coffee. Brewing Turkish Coffee has a lot to do with how temperature is attenuated as the coffee steeps. Take it off the heat. But you're not done brewing yet. 3. Put it back on the heat. Bring the coffee back up to the same near-boiling point once more. Again remove it from heat and allow to cool. You're trying to allow enough brewing time while not jeopardizing the foam that's forming at the top of your coffee. 4. Pour out your coffee into small, ideally curvy cups, like espresso demitasses or even smaller. You're going for the effect of a foamy cream on top of the cup, which indicates quality of the brew. Enjoy!


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