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  • COFFEE POT: Ibrik or cezve is the name of the pot with a long handle for brewing Turkish coffee. In Russia it’s called turka. The pot is usually made of copper, but can be made of stainless steel, ceramics or even silver. The term Ibrik is often used in English to mean a Turkish coffee pot, which is known in Turkish as a cezve.
  • QUALITY: Copper is the choice of the gourmet professionals for cooking. It is considered the finest practical conductor of heat. Its primary advantage is that it requires only low to moderate heat to obtain the best results. This is why copper is the perfect material to use for Turkish coffee pots called “cezve” (pronounced “ jezz-va” ). With little care, your coffee maker can provide you with many years of service and pleasure.
  • This metal also cannot rust, but it can corrode over the course of decades. For this reason, most copper pots are lined with tin on the inside to increase the product lifespan. Copper’s a stylish metal in modern kitchens, and many of these ibriks come with elegant designs hammered into the sides.
  • SIZE: Turkish coffee pots come in several sizes ranging from 1-serving to 6-servings. It’s important to remember that Turkish coffee is consumed as a small, 2-3-ounce shot, not as a big black cup of coffee. Serving pots tend to be small.
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Add Cold Water. Add enough cold water to reach just beneath the neck of your ibrik. Add sugar if needed. Add cardamom if preferred. Add coffee, about 1 teaspoon per 2 ounces. Bring to boil and remove just before it boils over. Remove from heat for a few seconds, repeat. Repeat about four times. This process will bring a natural foam on top. The best coffee has its own froth/foam on top. No milk is needed for this coffee.