Walnut Mamoul Cookies

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Tafe Walnut Cookies Mamoul Delicious All Natural 225 Grams 16 Cookies filled with Walnut


  • FRESHNESS GUARANTEED: Our cookies are hand made fresh and put away in an air tight beautiful tin box sealed to keep that fresh taste that will bring a smile to any family member.
  • THE HISTORY OF MAMOUL: Be it Easter or Eid, holidays in the Levantine region of the Middle East are incomplete without a shortbread cookie called maamoul. Stuffed with date paste or chopped walnuts or pistachios, and dusted with powdered sugar, these buttery cookies are the perfect reward after a month of fasting during Ramadan or Lent. Maamoul, as it's called in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, goes by kombe in southern Turkey, and as kahk in Egypt.
  • ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS: Ma’amoul is a Levantine cookie stuffed with fudgy date paste or chopped nuts, usually walnuts or pistachios. Mamoul is by no means your normal cookies. It is an amazing buttery crispy morsel filled with our delicious Turkish Walnuts. It appears during Christian Easter and Christmas, Eid and Jewish Purim.
  • OUR FAMILY STORY: We are a local small family owned company from Long Island, NY. We have traveled through Turkey looking for great new products to share with our customers. We carry all Turkish products such as Turkish Delights, Spices, Teas and Gift Items. Our small business is run by our family members and our customer service represents that sense of intimate connection to our customers.
  • Tafe Walnut cookies are sold in every special occasion from Istanbul to Antakya surroundings; weddings, religious festivals, Ramadan or at any special gathering. They have a delicious, crunchy bite to it and I like that they are not overly sweet. There are variations of nut cookies even in Southeast Turkey; some has only nuts in it, some would have dates, as in the case of their Middle Eastern cousin, Mamul or Ma’amoul. Regardless of their variation, both kombe and mamoul have a special place throughout the Middle Eastern cuisines and have been a part of the celebrations in different religions; during Ramadan, Easter and Hanukkah. Indeed a special cross cultural cookie and I think that makes it even more special. Try them once but get addicted.