Marmara Rose Tea

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All Natural Healthy Pure Pink Red Buds and Petals Loose Herbal Aromatic Tea 3 Ounce Resealable Pouch 

ROSE TEA: Roses are the queen of flowers and the flower that we all cherish. This magnificent edible flower is the symbol of love, beauty, and happiness. So when you gift a bouquet of roses to your loved ones, did you know that this flower is packed with loads of natural goodness other than its beauty? If not, it’s time to know everything.

QUALITY: We want to share some details about our delicious tea. Collected from the Isparta region of Turkey, which is the motherland of Turkish Rose, our Rose Tea has No chemicals, No additives. Nothing but Pure Turkish Red Rosebuds. It provides aromatherapy for relaxation and helps to renew your body cells and your soul! Sun dried without using chemicals. A full-bodied refreshing sweet taste and a pleasing long lasting floral aftertaste. Filled with antioxidants and great for headaches.

MARMARA PROMISE: Caffeine free and pure with no chemicals or pesticides. Loose natural red and bright pink rose buds and petals straight from Turkey. This harvest is from this past summer. This tea is amazing for stomach aches and light headaches. It is known for its relaxing nature. The rose buds are sun dried and packaged immediately to retain all aroma and freshness.

PACKAGING: Our Resealable tea pouches provide fresh tea always. Our pretty Rose buds and Petals create a beautiful drink to sip and display at social gatherings. The perfect way to entertain your guests is brewing a cup of our Rose Tea with some Turkish Delights. Both are traditions of the Mediterranean and a perfect combination.