Natural Rosehip Tea

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  • PURE ROSEHIP TEA: Pure rosehip pods from rose flowers deliver a mild sweet flavor in a deep crimson hue. Enjoy Cold or Hot.
  • QUALITY:Rosehips are the pods that form at the base of the rose flower. Marmara particularly uses wild roses. Marmara’s Rosehip Tea is a red, cherry-sized fruit of the rose plant.
  • FLAVOR and AROMA:Marmara All Natural Rosehip Rose hip tea has refreshing, pleasantly tart, tangy flavor similar to that of cranberries.
  • BENEFITS: Rosehip naturally contains a high content of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Place about 2 tablespoons of dried whole or crushed rosehips per pint of boiling water. Brew for about 10 minutes. Sweeten with honey or sugar. Add honey to sweeten. Enjoy it hot or iced! To make any of our herbal teas or tea blends cold, simply double the amount of tea used. Steep with hot water, pour the brewed tea into a cup full of ice. Enjoy!