Chocolate Turkish Delights with Pomegranate and Pistachios

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  • PREMIUM GOURMET FOUR MOUTHWATERING FLAVORS Authentic Turkish Delights made in the traditional centuries old Ottoman way. Our variety 3 pack of Turkish Delights promise to bring quality sweets with exotic flavors. Our unique multi layer flavors bring the Mediterranean to you. We at Ali Baba use top quality Nuts and Fruits with no glucose substitutes. We have added another level of scrumptious by layering other flavors and textures to this centuries old combination with our FOUR NEWEST CREATIONS.
  • FOUR FLAVORS PACKED IN 3 BOX GIFT PACK: Deluxe Turkish Delights Milk Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Pistachio, Pistachios, Plain and Pomegranate squares.
  • MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED POMEGRANATE PISTACHIO: Creamy milk chocolate covers a sweet, tangy and nutty combination of pomegranates with chunks of pistachios
  • MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED PISTACHIO: Crunchy Pistachios are covered with a sweet milk chocolate
  • MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED ORIGINAL PLAIN TURKISH DELIGHT AND POMEGRANATE: Sweet milk chocolate coveres a rich original flavor Turkish Delight and Pomegranate flavor.