Hazelnut with Coconut

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  • FLAVOR: Bite into chunks of real rich hazelnut covered with coconut while enjoying the natural sweetness of Turkish Delights.
  • QUALITY PACKAGING- NEW MOISTURE SECURE PACKING: Our new packaging retains all moisture to our sweets without making them chewy. Turkey is known for producing 90% of the worlds Hazelnuts. At Marmara, we take great pride in the quality of products. Our Turkish Delights are eaten as a dessert or tea/coffee break treat. So indulge your sweet tooth with fruity flavors or nutty morsels and share the delight!
  • OUR OWN PRODUCTS: We are a U.S. based company manufacturing our own brand of products and not a 3rd party re-seller. This is why our customer service is always the best! We do not compromise our quality or our ingredients. Our NEW INNER Pack helps keep the treats fresh always. Try our 15 mouth watering flavors and try our 100 other Mediterranean Marmara products! Our Fruit Jelly and Nut Boxed Turkish Delights are great, so enjoy and share the delight!
  • GIFT: Great gift for any occasion. Packaged in a sophisticated box, elegant enough to give as is.
  • GLUTEN FREE/ALLERGEN INFORMATION: contains nuts and tree nuts.