Chicken Pure Spice Seasoning Herb Mix All Natural Premium Mediterranean Blends

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  • QUALITY: All Natural, pure herbs and spices from the Mediterranean. No MSG, No Preservatives.
  • FLAVOR and AROMA: Marmara Chicken Spice Mix is the perfect combination of herbs with right amount of flavor and Mediterranean spice. It has a slight mild hotness.
  • EXCLUSIVE TO MARMARA: Straight from Turkey, our spice mixes are carefully put together making exotic meal preparation simple. No Preservatives, Pure Spice Mixes for Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Fish for Use in Stews, Soups, BBQ and Salads.
  • INGREDIENTS: Sweet red pepper. curry powder, black pepper, garlic powder, coriander, rosemary.
  • COOKING SUGGESTIONS:Saute 1 small onion for each pound of chicken. Cook onions until they appear clear. Add chicken and 1 teaspoon of Marmara Chicken Spice Mix for every piece of Chicken. Cook on medium heat and stir frequently for about 5 minutes. Add about 2 chopped tomatoes for about 3 pounds of chicken. Simmer on low heat and cook for about 20 minutes. Serve the chicken stew with rice or bread. Enjoy and share the delight!