Turkish Gold Zamak Coffee Set Gift

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  • QUALITY: Turkish Coffee Set with Tray, inner Porcelain cup, 2 Bright gold cup holders with covers, small Ibrik, and a box of Turkish Coffee! This set is made to last. These small pretty cups with covers and sleeves and saucers retain their vibrant bright gold color for years. They are perfect for Turkish, Arabic coffees or Espresso. The perfect size for small sips in big ornate design.
  • USE: Turkish cups and saucers are known for their unique size and shapes. The covers for each cup keeps the coffee hot while you sip it slowly. The small cups and saucers are for traditional coffee drinking. Since Turkish Coffee is made strong without any milk, these cups are the perfect set to enjoy the tastes and flavors of Turkey.
  • GIFT: This is the perfect gift for any occasion. Its colorful ethnic Turkish design is the perfect gift for anyone, for any occasion. The set includes everything needed to make your first cup of Turkish or Arabic Coffee!
  • INSTRUCTIONS TO MAKE TURKISH COFFEE: Add Cold Water. Add enough cold water to reach just beneath the neck of your ibrik. Add sugar if needed. Add cardamom if preferred. Add coffee, about 1 teaspoon per 2 ounces. Bring to boil and remove just before it boils over. Remove from heat for a few seconds, repeat. Repeat about four times. This process will bring a natural foam on top. The best coffee has its own froth/foam on top. No milk is needed for this coffee.
  • PACKAGING: The Turkish Coffee Set comes wrapped in a heat sealed clear plastic. It can easily be given as a gift. We always ship with extra wrapping to ensure your Coffee Set arrives in perfect condition.