About us

Turkey is known for its rich traditions and heritage of both East and West.  Being at the crossroads of different cultures, its cuisine has a diversity of flavors and tastes to offer. Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, which can be described as a fusion and refinement of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and Balkan cuisines.

Turkey is known for its natural fruits, nuts and spices that bring rich aromas and flavors to both savory and sweet foods.

Our vision for Marmara has always been to share authentic Turkish foods and products of the Mediterranean.  Marmara is a family owned business carrying handmade Turkish Delights, Teas, Coffee and Spices.  We travel to different cities finding new products and enticing flavors.

Using a process of slow cooking our fruit to extract its flavor for our fruit delights, we achieve wholesome sweet tastes.

Our nut delights offer morsels of whole roasted nuts offering a rich roasted taste in every bite.

At Marmara, our herbal teas are all natural and made with real fruits and herbs which gives them a rainbow of colors as well as flavors. Our teas are sold loose in their original forms. Whether is a flower, its petals or leaves, our teas are true to the word natural.

Our Black Tea and Turkish Coffee, which are famous in Turkey, are both compliments to any meal or dessert. They are one our most iconic products representing Turkey through their brisk, pure taste.

We have also gathered all the aromas and tastes of this region to bring a unique collection of spices to enhance every food you make.  Our exclusive spice mixes make Mediterranean cooking easy yet delicious. Each spice blend is hand prepared and are original to our brand. We use no MSG nor preservatives in any of our herbs or spices.

Our family has traveled through the Mediterranean region to share its splendor with all of you. We want to 'share the delight!'.