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QUALITY: Turkey remains among one of the world’s most important textile and apparel manufacturing countries. Turkish fabrics are unique in weaving features, materials used and designs reflecting Turkish taste. Turkey is renowned for its beautiful textiles, made with care and century-old practices. Though most people would think solely of carpets or soft and lightweight towels when one mentions Turkey, there are quite a few unique Turkish fabrics. Turkey has some of the world’s most skillful and stunning textiles that surprisingly vary greatly in style, design and colors. From lightweight and natural summer fabrics to ornately embroidered velvet, there is a wide range of textiles you can purchase as a gift or simply take home yourself.

OUR FAMILY STORY: We are a local small family owned company. We have traveled through Turkey looking for great new products to share with our customers. We carry all Turkish products such as Turkish Delights, Spices, Teas and Gift Items. Our small business is run by our family and our customer service represents that sense of intimate connection to our customers.

TURKISH TEXTILES AND FABRICS: Evidence of Turkish textile superiority has been popping up in scientific journals & historical records for a long time now. The oldest known carpet in the world was found in present day Turkey. It is estimated that the carpet than 2,400 years old!
The Turkish art of textile production flourished in Anatolia. Cities such as Konya, Usak, and Bergama became known as centers of silk, velvet, cotton & wool production. Starting in the years 1923 through 1962, Turkey’s textile industry exploded.

The extensive growth of cotton in Turkey starting in the early 20th century allowed for Turkey to grow & develop their textile industry. The textile industry continued to grow up until the early 1980’s – when Turkey opened up their textiles to the foreign markets.
Turkish textiles are renowned around the world for being beautiful, well made and just a great value.