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  • OTTOMAN FLAVOR: Perhaps the most distinct characteristic of Turkish coffee is its intensity. The filter-less method of brewing combined with exceptionally fine grind produces a cup that's dark and brooding and slightly sludgy. Yet it's the sludge that contributes to the particular body and texture of the Turkish preparation. The result is an unarguably unique drink. The Ottoman flavor is a sweet, rich aromatic flavor with essences of sahlep, mastic, and chocolate.
  • QUALITY: We carry only premium quality coffees. Traditionally consumed without milk. Coffee is most often consumed in households, shops, and social gatherings. VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE
  • PREMIUM ROASTED: Finely ground for espresso or traditional Turkish coffee.
  • ORIGINAL Ottoman Coffee is Available in TWO PACKS 3.5 Oz each (total 7 Oz) Best when paired with Turkish Delights since the sweet of the delights and bitter of the coffee create a balanced pallet.
  • PREPARATION: Measure water using a coffee cup (one cup of water for each person). Put water into Coffee Pot and add two teaspoons of coffee per cup of water and sugar to taste. Stir Coffee and Sugar with Water on low heat until it begins to boil. Make sure foam is forming on top. Pour into cups and put foam on top of each cup.