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Honey Pure Natural Safe Sealed Healthy PINE Honey Spoons Wildcrafted Rich in Nutrients and Good Enzymes Breakfast Tea Coffee Sweetener Paleo Friendly Gluten Free School Snack Individually Safe Wrapped. Less than 50 cents each!

  • MOUTH WATERING TASTE GUARANTEED: Each spoon provides best taste you will never forget. It is a sweet and spicy honey, with some woody notes, a resinous fragrance and dark amber color. It is a common breakfast dish in Turkey, where it is drizzled over yogurt and eaten with bread. Pine honey is an unusual honey because it is not produced entirely by honey brisk floral
  • CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY: Pack honey spoons for school, work, hiking, running, jogging and anywhere you want to go. Safe to carry because each is individually wrapped. Easy to use since you just put directly into your cup or flask! Even great for a small business to put out for customers. very safe in these pandemic times. Feel safe using each of our spoons that is carefully sealed for your protection.
  • QUANTITY: 50 single wrapped all-natural pine bulk honey spoons. Each spoons has a full heaping large teaspoon of pure pine honey. It is an amazing gift to give. No messy drips!
  • PRODUCTION: Pine honey is produced in eastern Mediterranean forests and Turkey produces 92% of the world’s pine honey. Muğla Province accounts for 80% of Turkish pine honey production. Pine honey in Cedar honey spoons is made by honeybees from the sap of cedar trees in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. The honey in these spoons is all-natural, with no added flavors or additives.
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes due to cold, honey can crystalize. Noticing your honey is a different consistency than you are used to? Do not to worry! Crystallization is a NORMAL process for natural honey that preserves the flavor & characteristics. This process happens more frequently at colder temperatures having NO effect on the honey's characteristics. Place spoon directly into a hot liquid and it will become soft and gel like.
  • NATURAL: Honey is a natural product, We are not allowed to sell expired or damaged products by FDA. All-Natural Black Seed Honey is a much smarter choice compared to sugar or chemical based sweeteners. Its a power food! Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made by honeybees and some related insects.